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Lead Assign, The Intelligent Lead Management Solution

We’re into connecting people challenged with real world business problems in lead management to the information that can help them. It’s that simple.

From a bespoke solution for real estate, our teams have provided lead management solutions to over 300 companies growing in various industries from insurance to manufacturing. In that journey, we’ve seen almost every type of challenge related to companies not converting their leads they generate into revenue.

With the ever-changing business landscape, we are still surprised by (and document) everything we learn.

Giving you the insights we’ve gathered

Insights was built to share some of these challenges and learnings from our team of researchers, developers, and forward thinkers that has up-front expertise in solving lead management challenges and leveraging lead conversion opportunities.

Our experts have captured much of this information by following a couple key principles:

Understanding our partners.

Do research.  Do they prioritize ROI, close ratios, or network engagement?  Understand what drives our stakeholders so we can prioritize those areas of solution development.

Listening and understanding the root causes.

Listen more, talk less, ask a lot of questions. Probe and ask why. Often key data is exposed not in a requirements or workflow document, but rather through the act of listening to the people that are the experts of the current revenue operations and processes.

Driving value quickly.

Look at areas that provide the most value for a challenge and implement with speed.  As high-value solutions are provided, continue to move to the next value opportunity in a process. Generate quick wins first and document.

Discussing process concerns.

Are our clients concerned with any portion of the solution and how it effects their network?  What are the implications of changing their processes for their teams and extended partners?  Focus on how to mitigate the concerns and support to launch and scale.

Working with our partners’ growing markets.

Our team doesn’t focus exclusively on solving the current challenge; we look and consult on how companies can grow their market.  Sometimes the ideas can’t be implemented or are not feasible – but often there are nuggets that can come from leveraging an outside perspective.

Sharing learnings with like-minded leaders.

Insights is the manifestation of the idea that shared knowledge can be the difference between a business flourishing and stagnating.


What Lead Assign Provides

Partner Sales Team Visibility

Lead Assign provides visibility to partner sales rep activities and lead pursuit where none existed before.

Sell-Through Capture

Integration of existing sales and marketing automation with Lead Assign allows for detailed sell-through and capture data from the partner without the hassle.

Increased Lead Velocity

The unique Lead Assign acceptance clock creates urgency for the lead to be addressed. If it is not accepted by the first rep, it automatically goes to the next best.

Partners Compete for Leads

The custom lead management rules allow for demand generators to have partner teams compete based on previous success and sell-through for lead opportunities automatically.

Integration to Core Systems

Lead Assign dashboard and reporting sandbox will allow for complete capture of lead activity from sales partners without extending dynamics.

Lead Source Audit-ability

Lead sources are tracked and audited by source based on the sales rep feedback and lead.

It is our goal to help companies slay their lead management problems by providing our expertise, and if we can help develop the optimized and enhanced process then let’s talk. To start the conversation, go to or download our product brochure below now.

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