12 ways to build brand reputation  

How do you get customers to choose your company out of all the endless options they have? See the list below for ideas!

1. Educate employees and partners about your products and their updates

Whether it is employees within your own company or employees who are reselling your products, it is critical that they know your mission, vision, values, and product offerings. Employees who understand and are aligned with your mission will prevent you from losing valuable capital.

2. Solve problems effectively and efficiently

Employees with effective problem-solving skills will help you analyze problems that your company may come across with such as finding new customers or customer issues with a product. Being able to handle tough situations will help you make the right decisions and prevent problems from escalating.

3. Be transparent with your consumers

94% of consumers are more likely to be loyal to a brand that provides transparency. Make sure to have open communication with your customers and own up to mistakes that can arise.

4. Ensure customer satisfaction

Find out what your customer wants and provide a solution to their problem. Satisfied customers will attract new customers to your company meaning your sales goals will grow instead of trending downwards.

5. Invest in the user experience

Also known as UX, user experience is defined as having a customer-first mentality where you understand your customer and their needs to help you improve customer satisfaction. Investing time in the development of an application or product can save you lots of money and prevent you from reworking things that could have been easily fixed in the beginning. Investing in UX will give you more time to deliver fast, high-quality experiences.

6. Focus on customer support before, during, and after a purchase

Your customer support team will be the backbone of your company, so it is vital that they focus more on your customers than your business. They will handle all customer issues or concerns ranging from address changes, cancellations, and returns. Providing high-quality assistance will have customers coming back to you.

7. Be proactive with your online brand’s reputation

If you are not actively managing your brand’s reputation, it can quickly steer you into a crisis. Invest your time to create a proactive reputation strategy and it will put you in a position to better handle a crisis to maintain a positive reputation.

8. Engage in corporate social responsibility

Millennials and Gen Z’s are more inclined to favor companies that care about social issues, compared to previous generations. Corporate social responsibility will allow you to give back to communities. As a result, it will benefit you financially and attract customers to invest more in your brand.

9. Take responsibility for your company’s messaging and communications

You must take responsibility for your own reputation. Every company makes mistakes, but it is important that you admit to them. Covering up your mistakes will only build mistrust with your customers. Transparency and honesty will always work in your favor.

10. Be a thought leader in your industry

As a thought leader, you are an expert in your expertise field and consistently show up for your customers when they need a solution to their problem. Your sales team will be well equipped to open and close deals too. This will attract more leads that can convert to customers.

11. Over deliver to your network

When you overdeliver, customers receive more than they anticipated, making them feel elated. Exceeding expectations can lead to additional referrals and sales.

12. Ask for feedback from your partners

Invest time to engage with your company’s stakeholders and figure out what is working and what is not. Everyone will have different perspectives, making it important to be open and reflect on their feedback. Commit to change and act on the feedback to build unity and trust with your stakeholders and customers.

Brand reputation matters more than ever

It takes 40 positive customer experiences to undo the damage done by a negative review of your company. Consumers enjoy leaving reviews online about their experiences whether good or bad. This makes maintaining a positive reputation important so potential customers can purchase from you. Reflect on all the hard work you put into creating your company. One bad review can damage the business you worked so hard to build.

Chances are there are similar brands to yours in the market right now. No business is left without competitors, so it is key to differentiate yourself and stand out. What makes your company worth trying compared to a competitor with similar products or services? In these current times, customers take companies’ reputations very seriously and are quick to spread the word if something goes wrong.

One of the most overlooked parts of brand management is reseller and partner management.

If you’re a company who has agents that represent you, like an insurance office, or resell partners, ensuring they understand your brand’s mission, vision, values, and product offerings is key to success. Protecting your brand can also provide new leads and will require you to focus on the leads your company already has.

Providing personalized services with customers will build strong relationships even if they do not buy your product immediately. They may choose to purchase from you in the future because of the impression you left on them.

To equip their sales teams with the best chance of closing sales successfully, the automotive industry implements effective lead management strategies to help their brand reputation and customer response.

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