Here are your Lead Management FAQs Answered

After speaking with our customers, we’ve discovered the top key channel marketing and sales strategies that enhance performance at the individual, team, and company levels. This FAQ list is designed to help demand gen and sales managers expand their channel revenue strategies by answering all questions regarding lead management. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here at Lead Assign, we’re all about optimizing lead routing and management to help companies reach their greatest revenue operations and budget optimization potential. We’ve helped customize, analyze, and advise channel marketing strategies at hundreds of companies, including large enterprises both nationally and internationally. In dealing with every type of lead management gap and opportunity, we’ve created this list to help answer some frequently asked questions.

How do I know I need a lead management solution?

Indicators can vary across industries and business cases. As sales networks become larger and more distributed across various regions and verticals, a need for supporting software to manage additional complexity grows.  

Increased time commitment from sales and marketing managers required for lead management lowers conversion rates and increases the number of leads that go unactioned. These are all strong indicators that a professional lead management solution is required. 

For international lead distribution models, a professional and secure lead management system is required to get enterprise channel teams up and running as soon as possible.   

How much training is required to set up a lead management system?

Look for the enablement strategies that are as user-friendly as possible, with the least number of barriers to engage your users. With instruction and guidance, configuration of the tool can be easily managed. 

Watch for offerings with required profile and account creation and updates. There are solutions that offer a no-login process to accept and pursue generated leads, eliminating the hassle of constant logins or in-app training.  

What API integrations should be considered for optimal tech stacks?

Ideally, your lead management solution should act as a bridge between your demand generation and your sales platforms. Software that improves speed-to-lead and delivers lead data to the correct sales rep in real-time are the most ideal.  

By entering your endpoint address used for the purpose of online lead generation, web leads are automatically entered into your lead management platform for distribution. Manual entry is also possible in a variety of file formats.  

In this sense, not all lead management solutions will be identical for all industries. Lead Assign has integrated with all sorts of sales and marketing platforms providing a variety of different solutions to easily become part of a complete sales management package. Integrations are always in ongoing discussions with our team of engineers to expand our capabilities.  

What about duplicate leads?

Leads that convert multiple times or software that erroneously doubles lead data should have a system in that place where there is only one recipient, i.e., only one sales rep acting on the lead. This strategy ensures effective and efficient time management.  

Consider lead management tools that use a “coalesce” feature to ensure that leads with a recurring contact are managed by the same salesperson. Not only does this save team’s efforts in responding to leads but identifying and coalescing the duplicate data can also be removed from reporting to ensure clean and accurate analytics. 

What lead management strategies are useful to accommodate large partner networks?

Through any series of parent-child relationships, considering implementing a lead management platform that manages leads across your entire sales network matching exactly to your company’s org chart. This ensures appropriate routing to applicable reps and partners, including the applicable agents within those partner companies, with a data trail for documentation and reporting. 

How do I manage salespeople turnover in a lead management system?

Some automated lead solutions have the functionality to manually reroute leads to a new set of applicable agents. An automatic solution would re-enter the lead back into the distribution funnel.

If a member of the sales team is either permanently or temporarily leaving, leads can easily be redistributed with all their accumulated progress attached to other applicable agents without numerous turnover steps.

How does lead management software automate my lead workflow?

As marketing generates leads from webforms, emails collection, Facebook campaigns, HubSpot, etc., Lead Assign’s patented parsing and scoring engine matches leads to the best suited partner automatically.

Urgency is critical when dealing with leads.  Use software with exclusive acceptance clock that creates lead follow up urgency, as if the lead is not accepted in the time window – it goes to the next best agent.

How are my leads sent to my network?

Lead routing software uses SMS and email to automatically distribute lead acceptance offers to the matched agents from your network. If your network is located in different areas, find tools that are built to accommodate a variety of different languages and currencies with users all over the globe.

How do I know who my best partners are?

Agent lead pursuit activity is tracked and measured for performance scoring and your visibility.  Tracking lead pursuit activity gives you visibility to which lead source is producing the best SQL’s.

No more requesting that monthly partner network report. No more emails to partners asking, “how are our leads progressing?” All your partners activity and success metrics can be available in a real-time dashboard. Use tools that can configure custom reports for you.

Tracking leads is critical to understanding how your partners and marketing programs are progressing. Use this FREE spreadsheet as a starting point for your leads that are sent to your partners or retailers.

To equip their sales teams with the best chance of closing sales successfully, growing business use sales tracking tools, such as spreadsheets.

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