10 Partner Lead Management Definitions You Didn’t Know You Needed

Lead Assign specializes in partner lead management for complex revenue operations. Over the past five years, we’ve come across every type of partner lead management challenge, and we’ve tailored a highly specialized solution for each lead routing workflow.

Our professional services team consolidated a list of the most important partner lead management definitions you can take with you to your next revenue operations meeting, so you can consider the data you need to make the right decisions for your partner ecosystem.

10 Partner Lead Management Definitions for the Go-Getters

1. First-Offer Lead Acceptance

This statistic details the number of leads accepted by the first agent the lead was offered to. If the lead was declined or timed out by the first agent, the lead is then offered to the second agent. And so, “Second-Offer Lead Acceptance” includes the leads accepted by the second agent offered that lead.

2. Hours-to-Lead Acceptance

The time in hours between when a lead was captured in a marketing and sales funnel to when the lead was assigned to a sales rep for lead pursuit and follow up.

3. Action Delay

Time in days between the date a lead was captured in a marketing and sales funnel and the date that the lead is responded to by the most qualified salesperson available.

4. In Progress

Leads that have been followed up on, in which feedback data and status update has been received indicating progress has been made in the sales pipeline.

5. Closed Won

Leads that have been designated as “Won” by the salesperson that closed the deal. Note that the better your feedback loop, the more reliable this indicates your ROI on your partner channel investments.

6. Expected Lead Value

The sum of recorded expected values on leads when they are “In Progress”.

7. Final Lead Value

The sum of recorded deal values on leads when they are “Closed Won”.

8. Won Velocity

Time in days between the date a lead was captured in your marketing and sales funnel and the date that lead was designated as Closed Won. Note that “Monthly Won Velocity” statistics can be quite valuable as they reflect the average velocity of leads which closed within that given month.

9. Partner Conversion Rate

The percentage of all leads that were updated from “Accepted” to “In Progress” or “Closed Won” status.

10. Active Countries or Regions

Countries or regions associated with your partner ecosystem and therefore care receive, follow up and close leads within the given date range.

Next Steps for Effective Partner Lead Management

If you want to skip the details and nuances of educating yourself on partner lead management key performance indicators, book a meeting with us now. We provide a key solution with expert support for your distributed sales operations. Using our technology enablement and true lead-to-close data, we can address your partner ecosystem with ease and professionalism.

Supporting your partner lead management systems and enabling your sales partners to close successfully are no easy tasks.

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