What are Distributed Sales?

What are distributed sales

Distribution selling has become another common way to get the product to end-users, and we’ve put together this information that will help you understand the distributed sales model and teach you how to optimize this strategy in your organization.

Organizations have two main options when it comes to selling a product:

Sell straight to the customer through a sales force.

Go through a third-party organization.

These third-party sellers traditionally come from indirect channels like value-added resellers, affiliate marketers, or independent retailers.

Single-Touch Marketing Attribution Models

It is common to use several channels to market products and services for improved campaigns and increased conversion rates. While that is a good thing, it can be challenging to figure out which channel has the most impact on specific marketing return on investments.

What are Direct Sales?

Direct sales are all about selling the product directly to the customer. It is the shortest distance between the organization and the consumer. No middleman. No retailer.

What are Channel Sales?

Channels sales work in the opposite way of direct sales. Instead of going straight to the consumer, organizations go through third party vendors like distributors, resellers, or other partners.