Sales Enablement

Types of Lead Management Software

Lead management software is a tool used to prioritize and respond to qualified leads by the most appropriate and available salesperson. It supports sales pipeline activities of new client sales, such as collecting lead data, assigning leads to salespeople, prompting follow up actions and requesting feedback insights.

The Best Lead Management Steps to Convert Leads into Sales

Businesses want to increase the volume and quality of their sales pipeline, and so focusing on the best leads in a timely manner is the most desired scenario. The best lead management strategies convert leads into sales, cultivate repeat customers or referrals, and streamlines the associated administrative tasks.

The Lead Management Process 

Lead management is a critical element of the sales process that helps small businesses and enterprises alike optimize lead distribution and pursuit. From lead generation to closed sales, it allows for the tracking and managing of sales reps and partners working with potential customers.

How to boost your HubSpot lead management capabilities

Lead Management is a crucial aspect of modern digital marketing and sales processes. It involves the identification, cultivation, and conversion of potential customers into sales. Integrating a lead management solution with a platform like HubSpot can streamline the process, making it more efficient and effective.

Lead Enrichment

First Steps to Developing an Automated Lead Scoring System 

Effective lead distribution and analytics tools use an Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine to route leads based on existing business-specific rules. Managing marketers and sales team directors will also have access to view the detailed or high-level lead data overall. For example, lead source, lead details, lead pursuit and lead feedback are all KPIs that impact business strategy.

Here are your Lead Management FAQs Answered

After speaking with our customers, we’ve discovered the top key channel marketing and sales strategies that enhance performance at the individual, team, and company levels. This FAQ list is designed to help demand gen and sales managers expand their channel revenue strategies by answering all questions regarding lead management. 

Channel Enablement

How to Improve Your Enterprise Channel Sales Strategy 

We’ve helped customize, analyze, and advise channel sales strategies at hundreds of companies — especially large enterprises both nationally and internationally. Get ready to optimize your channel sales by focusing on what matters most.

Channel Sales for Enterprise Operations 

Over 75% of commerce is done via indirect selling — also known as channel sales. We’re all about optimizing lead routing and management to help companies reach their greatest revenue operations and budget optimization potential. Here, we’ve discovered the top key channel sales KPIs that enhance performance at the individual, team, and company levels.

Technology Investments During a Downturn

If we have learned anything during the past few years, it’s that nothing can necessarily be predicted. Whether supply chain, pandemic, talk of impending recession, inflationary pressures, or remote work, it seems as if businesses have a completely new set of challenges never experienced before.