Three steps to partner lead management for enterprises

As a stand-alone system or integrated into existing tech stacks, partner lead management systems ensure every marketing campaign proves return on investments, pursuit enablement strategies are optimized, and sales cycle conversion rates improve.

Some of the world’s top IT providers, manufacturers, real estate organizations, and financial services companies rely on partner lead management systems to route their qualified leads to their teams and partners.  

By simplifying complicated workflows coupled with seamless maintainability, go-to-market programs and deployments guarantee scalability, and high network adoption without the hand holding. But where to start? First, lead routing and attribution reporting.  

What is lead routing?

Whether one names it lead assignment, lead routing, or lead distribution, getting leads to the hands of the right partners or reps in the shortest amount of time possible makes a huge difference when it comes to increasing efficiency and maximizing revenue potential. The top lead management tools on the market utilize artificial intelligence and other enrichment technologies to make this happen.  

Some software even allows you to customize the rules for routing so you can base them on the unique skills and performance levels of your salespeople. Once these rules are set, the lead will automatically get assigned to the first available rep that best fits them. No need to sift through each lead before distributing; just set the criteria and let the automated process take over. 

What is attribution reporting?

Any partner lead management solution worth its investment will include sophisticated lead tracking and analytics that help marketing directors follow the sales cycle each lead went through before converting.  

This can accomplish wonders for return on investments because it takes the guesswork out of your marketing efforts. Content developers can easily see what works and what doesn’t, and then the campaign can target efforts based on those findings. The kind of data brings clarity to marketing strategies and helps salespeople see the value brought by the marketing team which can create better sales and marketing alignment. 

What is partner lead management?

Managing the sales pipeline can get messy for sales leaders, especially as more and more customers start showing interest. CRMs try to solve for this, but most of them just hold on to your contacts and allow you to add notes.  

This may cause them to adopt additional marketing tools to try to fill the gaps, but that usually doesn’t do the trick either. Most businesses need something a little more, something that creates scalable and repeatable practices for their sales teams. 

That’s the power of an effective partner lead management tool. 

Lead Assign is the revolutionary lead management system designed specifically for global companies with sales partner networks and demand generation programs.  

With Lead Assign’s proprietary and secure cloud-based technology, enterprise clients experience clarity and efficiency between marketing programs and distributed sales efforts. 

As an example of a use case, to equip their sales team with the best chance of closing sales successfully, Hewlett-Packard implemented an effective partner lead management system.

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