Your Brokerage’s Lead Handling is a Mess!

As a broker or team leader you need to have one place where you can see who in your team is actively chasing down leads and closing sales.

As a broker or team leader you need to have one place where you can see who in your team is actively chasing down leads and closing sales. Lead Assign is easy to use for your agents – with no software to install and no passwords or accounts to remember for your agents. As the account owner you get a comprehensive modern dashboard where all your leads are handled in real time, with care.

  • Do you have one place to track all your leads?
  • Do your agents get leads in real time?
  • Do you manually route your leads?
  • Are you unsure of how many leads you actually get?

If the answers to those questions make you uncomfortable, read on.

Get your real estate leads in the hands of the right agent effortlessly.

RE/MAX brokerages deal with incoming leads from a variety of sources, called ‘funnels’. Lead Assign can easily handle leads from

  • your brokerage website,
  • corporate website,
  • Zillow,
  • Trulia,
  •,, etc
  • chat transcripts from services such as ReadyChat,
  • voice to text from services such as Dialpad and Grasshopper, etc.

We route leads for brokerages with 2 to 20,000 agents, getting the leads to the best agent in seconds.  Our patented technology compares favorably to FiveStreet and Lead Street.

See how a national real estate company with more than 20,000 agents improved sales performance using Lead Assign

How Lead Assign works: If the lead is not dealt with within a time limit that you specify, it gets offered to the next best suited agent. All in realtime, and all based on rules you define.

Get Started with Lead Assign

Managing leads for sales reps and partners is critical for all company owners and department leaders. Help your brand stand out with effective response to potential clients with our leading AI-based lead management platform that can also enhance your CRM software. 

Lead Assign is positioned as the go-to software for organizations looking to optimize their distributed sales model. Organizations from across the country have used our solution to improve their lead management and distribution no matter their sales model. Calculate how much more Revenue Opportunity you can generate from your marketing leads by implementing lead management.

Our real-time lead management solution offers simple integration with multiple CRMs so you can get the visibility and data you need without adding any more software. Eliminate the waiting period for your leads by texting or emailing their info to the right partner within minutes of their engagement. The platform’s AI-based lead scoring and routing automatically distributes leads to the most qualified channel partners for the deal. See your potential success with the Power of Automation.

If you want to hear more about how Lead Assign can help you improve your distributed sales model, we’d love to talk with you. Schedule a demo with one of our specialists to get started.

Are you a small business in need of a quick implementation? Get started here.  

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